Envelope Construction

How To Measure An Envelope

Just as Royal Envelope uses certain Lingo, we also have certain common practices. One is the way envelope manufacturers measure and refer to the dimensions of an envelope. It is traditional to state the measurements of an envelope in terms of width X length (excluding the flaps).

Open End, Open Side

In envelope terms, the width is also known as the end. The length is called the side. Royal refers to their products either “open end” or “open side”. Obviously, these categories refer to where the opening (flap, throat) of the envelope is. Knowing one type of envelope from the other can be quite important when discussing an envelope’s specifications.


Royal Envelope also refers to the seams of an envelope in order to identify its type of construction. The accompanying illustration shows a variety of seam constructions. For most envelopes, the choice is a matter of taste, convenience or usage. However, the manufacturers of some automated mailing equipment have very detailed guidelines regarding seam construction. Refer to the specifications included on this site to determine the best type of construction for your application.

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