Window Size & Position

There are often discrepancies on how to measure a window and also how to measure the position of the window.  This confusion usually result in a delays in production (proofs having to be made two or three times) or the envelope having to be re-done at the customer’s expense.  That is why it is critical when a customer requests a custom envelope with a window to have a proof made to check the inserted document to the window position. The measuring of position and size is an industry standard.

An envelope is always measured with the flap at the top regardless if the flap is on the long side or the short side.

The window size is measured vertically first and horizontal second.

The position is always from the left and the bottom.


Postal Regulations Governing Window Envelopes

  • The address window must be parallel with the length of the envelope and should be placed in the lower portion of the address side.
  • Leave at least 3 1/2″ of clear space on the right hand end to allow ample space for stamps, post marking, forward addresses, etc.

  • Nothing but the name, address, and any key number used by the mailer may appear through the address window.

  • The return address should appear in the upper left corner. If there is no return address and the delivery address does not show through the window, the piece will be handled as dead mail.

  • The address disclosed through the window must be on white paper or paper of very light color.

  • Consult U.S. Postal Service Domestic Mail Manual for postal regulations concerning window envelopes used for registered mail and business reply mail.

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